The Club 60 Adjunct of the South Wairarapa Workingmen’s Club meets on the last Monday of the month a 1:30pm. Come along and join us at Pool and Cards. We can also arrange Indoor Bowls.


The Snooker Adjunct meets on Tuesday Evenings from 7pm. Over the year they hold various Championships for there various grades as well as participating in various inter-club competitions.


The Pool Adjunct meets on a regular basis on Wednesday Evenings. Over the year they participate in home and away games against other Clubs and Pubs. They also play various Club Championships which are advertised on the Club Notice Board.


Golf usually meets one Sunday a month. The dates for this are also advertised on the Social Club notice board. They also hold their own Club Championships for various grades depending on your handicap.


The Indoor Bowls Adjunct meets on Thursday Evenings at 7pm and new players are always welcome. Over the year they play their various Club Championships.


The Dart Adjunct participates in two leagues over the year. These being Maungaraki on a Tuesday Night and Wairarapa Districts on a Thursday Night. They also compete in various Capital Area Clubs competitions which they have been very successful with over the years.


This Adjunct is still in the building stage, but growing steadily. They compete in the Clubs NZ National Trout Fishing competition in Rotorua each year and were actually successful in taking out this event in 2007.


This Adjunct doesn’t actually meet very often for SWWMC but do participate in Clubs NZ events from time to time as well as the Clubs NZ Nationals once a year.


The Card section meets every Tuesday at 1:30 pm. A selection of alternative games. Just turn up on the day and make yourself known.

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